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Call to people’s movements, networks, NGOs, policy activists

Dates: 6,- 8th June 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.



The International Council Meeting of the World Social Forum (WSF) held on 16th March 2023 has decided, to support the proposal that the next World Social Forum be held in Kathmandu, Nepal in February 2024. 

Many are familiar with the WSF since 2001 in Porto Allegre and later, realizing that the WSF provides a general platform for like-minded social movements to strengthen their commitment, agenda, and solidarity action, while challenging the global domination of the ideology represented by the World Economic Forum that is held every year  in Davos. The common view of constituencies is thar “Another World is Possible.”

Prior to this, Asia Pacific Social Forum Facilitation Group met in Kathmandu from 16th to 18th January 2023, preparing the oroposal for organising the World Social Forum 2024 in Kathmandu

Following the APSF Facilitation Group Meeting in Nepal, many countries have started their national processes for strengthening the processes of Asia Pacific Social Forum and World Social Forum locally. This has clearly demonstrated the interest and felt need for exchange and solidarity in the region and the possibility of reviving and renewing the social forum process in the region.

It is known that the people in most parts of Asia are dealing with authoritarianism, war and conflict, deep inequalities, destruction of the environment, decent habitat and livelihood and a shocking lack of social security. There are increasing restraints on the right to speak and organize. 

While most of these issues must be battled locally and nationally, the advantage of having a global outreach where experiences, strategies, information and solutions can be exchanged is critical in what is a very globalized world. Such opportunities exist in our region only at sectoral and intergovernmental level. It is very useful to have a space like the Forum where various people’s movements, networks can meet and interact without the pressure of having to agree on the details of their politics, strategy, tactics and ideology. All that is needed is a broad commitment to a sustainable, just and equitable world, free from war, casteism, racism, religious sectarianism and patriarchy. 


In the light of the above, we propose to keep this momentum going by holding a physical meeting of Asia Pacific Social Forum Facilitation Group from 6th to 8th June 2023 in Bangkok, to take the process further. The meeting will include participants of different networks, movements, organisations from different countries in the region, who wish to develop the APSF process and build solidarity through the forum process. 

A tentative agenda:
1. Supporting and facilitating the World Social Forum 2024 in Kathmandu
2. Any issues or challenges in the APSF process. 
2. Structures to build and facilitate the APSF process towards Kathmandu and beyond. 
4. Future steps in Asia solidarity,  through proactive participations in APSF, including possibility of organising thematic or  regional events 
5. Asia Pacific participation and visibility in the International Council of the social forum. 


Participation in the Bangkok meeting is open to all those who have been active in the social forum process, in the region and/or globally, and also those who would like to become part of it. The meeting is open to all those who are in broad agreement with the Charter of Principles of the WSF, especially a commitment to a just, sustainable and equitable world, free from war, casteism, racism, and patriarchy. 

The meeting is focused on the facilitation of the APSF process and will be inviting commitments in time and resources from organizations that, beyond proactive participation intentions, intend to also contribute to facilitation of  the APSF and WSF processes


All participants will be expected to take care of their travel/air fare, boarding and lodging. The total cost of local logistics (lodging, meeting place, meals other than dinner) will come to roughly USD 150-200 per person excluding meals. Check in begins on the 5th June afternoon/6th morning and check out is on 8th noon. If anyone stays extra days, the expenses will increase. People who come earlier than 6th afternoon or stay after the 8th noon will have to bear their own costs. 
Participants have to book their own tickets to and from and arrange their own visas and taxi fare from airport and back. Country level 
processes are encouraged to raise resources for their delegates. 
We call upon organisations across the region to send representatives to attend this important meeting and become active participants in the Asia Pacific social forum process, weaving solidarities links across Asia and Pacific.

For confirmation of participation and general enquiries please write to:
For local logistics (venue, boarding, lodging etc) you can write to:

We look forward to hearing from all networks, people’s movements, NGOs, policy groups from the Asia Pacific region. Please join this process. Please share this message with those who may be interested to participate as well. 

In solidarity, 
Facilitation Group for the Asia Pacific Social Forum Process


Should you be intending to join the process before this Bangkok June meeting,  being or not in condition to travel to bangkok,  you can fill this form  : ,  in order to show you are joining the APSF process


More info :

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