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What are the various perimeters of the WSF2024 event?


What may be  the formats of participation in the event?

march - slef organized  activities - self organized assemblies- noc organized assemblies -noc culutural program - space for preparing square for actions - square for actions.  

When to register what for the event ?

First  it is recmended to register  as an organization and contribute participation fee,  and posisbly consider a donation to NOC,

Where to interact  with  other participants online before the event ?

Noc may decide to provide   interaction spaces  on line in a format  it deems approapriae,  and inclusive to proactive participants  desginated as part of participaion team from organization  that have registreed in the event. 


Where to get information on practicalities around the event ?
in the event website which would be online  in july.


 What is macro program of the WSF2024 event?

This is a one page chronology of the 15th to 19th  days of the event  - it gives day by day and hour by hour the sequence of type of activities that  will happen in parallel ( eg  self organized acictivites or self organized assemblies, or culutral activities ) and clarifying the common moments when participants are proposed one activity ( eg  March on 15th ,  lunch time  every day,  Square for action  on 19th )

this document summarizes the methodology options made by NOC. It may ber released in draft version 

What are the possible use of  umbrella themes in  wsf2024 event ?

  • Umbrellla themes contribute to showing that  in the wsf open intercommunicaation space all kind of issues are welcome to be adresed through slef organized activiites that can be indicatively liked to one or more umbrellla theme

  • Umbrella theme s mayserve to create digital  tematic conection spacescs where participants come to exchange invitations to activities and initiatives 

  • Umbrella theme may serve to strcutre the bottm up program team in thematic gorups that accompany and make suggestions to announcer of acivities  in the bottom up prgram

  • Umbrella theme may be to locate in a same  physical neighbohoood  activities haing  linked to a same theme



 What is the bottom up WSF2024 program?

This is the fact that in the WSF event the progarm is the bottom up collection  of the announced activities and assemblies , which NOC will schedule and locate  in physical spaces  taking in consideriation  preferences and cosntraints - The content of the progam is made up by the description of topics and agendas in ech activity - Bottum up prgramming is the contrary of  top down progarmming deciding  who is ging to talk about what  


 What is the generic format of a possible  Square for actions designed to implement WSF principle 7?

 A Square for action related statements/initiatives. comes as a common moment“”

.Preparation  Each group of organizations that has decided a  public statement declares it  in wsf website  in event website and  in a "square for action preparation space"  run  by NOC  during the event, where it can meet with other promoters of intiative and wiht participants   and is given a place,  table, booth, tent in the Square on 19th - this  isi visible on line  in the agora page : 

Holding During several hours, participants in WSF can walk in the Square  ( logistically set up by NOC) and make contact with the promoters of statements/initiatives that interest them. It is the last call to harvest contacts and perspectives that may lead to concrete engagements and solidarity in the months after the  WSF event . This format is empowering and useful for both participants and promoters of statements / initiatives

Implementing  WSF principle 7 , All the statements and initiatives description  present / registered in KTM  Square are made visible in the event website,   and  can also be visible in the ongoing process website see WSF process purple color menu  ( with items  Initiatives, Agora , and  actions calendar)

What is PIWAP option for  WSF2024 participation  ?

PIWAP stands  for Participating in WSF as a process, it is a 6 facet  agenda  to participate proactvely in WSF 

  • 1-Join the proces as an organization and start the process participation team in your organisation-make the organization visible inn both wsf porcess and wsf event websites

  • 2-Gather and comment in the team WSF related info and contacts

  • 3-Formulate and update  the participation timeline your organization is involved in according to its goals and expectations 

  • 4- assign tasks in team  to make the acts of participation in timeline  before the  event  happen sucessfully 

  • 5- assign tasks in team  to make the acts of participation in timeline  during the  event  happen sucessfully

  • 6- assign tasks in team  to make the acts of participation in timeline  after  the  event  happen sucessfully  and start planning  for oranization parrticipation in the next period of process

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