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  • A first diagramshowing 6 lines of involvement for your organization with a spiral on  lines 2 3 4 5 ( defining a participation time line  is line 3) 

  • A second diagiram,  showing 10 chronological  steps  towards and around a timeline  ( defining a participation time line  is step 8) 

  • A third and fourht diagram,  showing the combined  use of  process and  event website in 4 broad  steps ( defining a participation time line is broad step 2) 

  • A fifth diagram, showing a series of 7 piled up timelines  of participation , as can be shared an discussed in a meeting betwen  several organizations about their  intentions loking for synergies  and allances

sequence energized by wsf2024.png

This first diagram is showing :

  • 1 the starting line of organizing PPTeam  inside an organization,  then the spiraling iterative lines of involvement

  • 2 3 4 5,  aiming at participating proactively in WSF as process, before during and immediately after  the WSF2024 event,

  • and 6 is  the starting of new sequence of participation

  • a possible WSF2024  participant guide  can be strutured  with this first diagram  one page about  each Of the 6 lines 


 A/ Your organization can discuss to which extent it considers WSF process as one of the relevant spaces where it intends to be persistently present. It can define which parts of its current public work plan, if any, it wants to make visible in WSF process under the format of activities and initiatives

B/ Your organization can discuss what outcomes it expects from its participation in WSF in the months around WSF2024 event , and which complementary activities and initiatives may become relevant, in the event and before and after the event towards those outcomes/goals , 

C/ Your organization can discusses which other tasks becomes relevant, in perspective of A and B  like outreaching to other organizations,  or participating in activities or initiative these may propose. The sequence of planned acts of participation resulting from this planning exercise can be named the “WSF2024 participation timeline” of the organization  see diagram here  below  arrow 8

Participation timeline goes from july 2023 to till after the WSF2024 event June 2024? , assuming your organization will want to follow up on outcomes consistently with the WSF participation goals your organization may have formulated. 

10 steps piwap v0.png

This second diagram  is showing 10 chronological steps  for the WSF PPTeam  of your orgnaization, with the following correspondence with the first diagram :  

  • steps 1 2 3  correspond to line 1 (seting up PP team) ,

  • step 4 to line 2 ( gathering info),

  • then steps 5 6 7 correspond to line 3 ( planning the timline), 

  • then steps 8 and 9 correspond to line 4 and 5 ( implementing the timeline  and its steps /milestones)-

  • and finally  step 10 corresponds to line 6

ANOTHER VIEW OF  THOSE 10 STEPS   into 4 Broad steps  ( coloured  arrows in the  diagram below)

  •  BStep 1   is creating the PPTeam and make the organisaiton visible in websites  ( steps 1 2 3) 

  •  Bstep 2 is evolving a time line,  ( steps 5 6 7) 

  • Bstep 3 is describing the timeline using the two websites - the process website and the  event website focsed on 15-19th days  ( steps 8 9 )

  • Bstep 4 is interacting around the  timely preparation of each milestones of timeline  and updating the timeline,   as time  progresses steps 8 9 )  

diagram 3
PIWAP two websites.png

Note : this third diagram is just a suggestion of presentation  it is not reflecting any descions taken in NOC at this stage . It shows the complementarity of uses betwen  process website and event  website( under construction)


Note : this fourth diagram is showing the use of the two websites  process website and event  website( under construction) by the process participation  team of  an organization


 This diagram  below comes with 7 timelines one on top of the other.  it can give a wider visibity  and is assembled  through exchanges held  between various organisations PPTeams, willing to prepare  their participation in a self organized and concerted way 

One given organisation may find relevant to  participate in various of such  exchanges sessions  with  other organizaitons  accoding to its scale,  its country,  its thematic focus,  its sector etc 

diagram 5

This fifth diagram looks loaded and it is just showing a pile of timelines that  can be  shared assembled and discussed in a sharing info meeting between various organizations , with aims to see possible synergies and avoid duplications  around wsf participation, focusing on expected outcomes , goals and expectations



This planning exercise can be indeed shared with other organizations in self organized info sharing sessions, around a sectoral thematic geographical focus and Some Timelines are according to goals shared between several organizations 

 From those WSF participation planning exercises, there emerge some “road maps of participation in WSF process”,that  involve cooperation with other organizations  covering the period before, during and after WSF2024. from july 2023 to till after the WSF2024 event June 2024

 They can be further assessed and updated.


Note that : These planning sharing sessions are self organized and independent of NOC, who is focused on providing space with formats and on disseminating an invitation with  a wsf 2024 participation narrative. What is WSF and how to participate in it. This participation guide is part of developing this narrative

 List of  Generic Tasks in Team when implementing a Timeline of participation ( july 23- june 24)  

  • Understand  What is WSF   Hows to participate and Exchanges on Whys/goals  and expectations

  • Register in WSF2024 as organization  in event website  and in process website and announce who is in PPTeam

  • Share intentions of participation  between organizations willing to do so ( see above)

  • Formulate  goals What for? and Hows  - through which timeline of acts of participation reach those goals

  • STEP Assessing cooperations,  synergies, possible mergings of activities / initiatives towards wsf2024 

  • Announce & prepare activities and initiatives 

  • Outreach for co-organizers for activities and initiatives ( in WSF process  and WSF event  website

  • Outreach for participants in activities and initiatives ( in interactive spaces provided by NOC))

  • Learn about publishing News from the WSF2024 (News site provided by NOC)

  • Hold and document preparatory activities before the event 

  • Draft working documents related to activities or initiatives

  • Wage public actions described in initiatives

  • Update descriptions of initiatives and activities

  • Finalize program info for each KTM activity and  presene  in square of  statements/ initiative

  • Prepare hybridization of activities ( acces to online participation) ( see perimeter of event

  • STEP Facing Deadline for Finalize Program info for WSF2024 program Committee

  • Hold and document activities in WSF2024 event 

  • Hold table for each initiative in Square for statement  and actions on 19th  febbruary (if confirmed)

  • Include contacts made in  Square in initiative in relevant groups /contexts

  • Hold balance activities after WSF2024

  • STEP Balance WSF2024 seminar from theme sector group

Prepare public actions & next steps

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