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WSF 2024 and WSF Context,  seen from  APSF .

APSF  is a social forum intercommunication process , located in the Global WSF process, next to WSF process , and other  social forum processes such as India SF , Pakistan SF , Nepal SF.. The  list  may get longer  as the perspective of hosting a WSF2024 event  in Asia ,in Nepal, 20 years afer Mumbai 2004  is stimulating "facilitation energies" accross the continent. 


Facilitating collectives of, and participant organizations in those various social forumprocesses are proactive and cooperative towards  WSF2024 event 

WSF2024 is an event  that is a manifestation of WSF as intercommunication process.  it is co organized by Nepal facilitaion committee (see some info in about WSF2024 page  and much more info in WSF2024 website to come)  and  by International council WSF (more  information in open website)


WSF2024 is a concentration in time ( 14-19 February 2024)  of many activities/meeting of intercommunication,  proposed,  whether  face to face or hybrid in Kathmandu , or fully online  during  those days.

The details for preparation and participation in the event  will be described in a specific WSF2024 website, where to get prepared  for participation  in Kathmandu event, and wher registration  will come  in due time

it is possible to be  a proactive participant organization in WSF  intercommuication process as of now, throughout 2023 and after WSF2024 event .  See using the wsf platform.  See entry points  



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