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WSF process is conceptually described  as  an open space  of encounters,  where a  permanent process of intercommunications takes place , that develops in that space  in a decentralzied and horizontal manner  between participant organizations  that come and declare themselves in broad agreement with

principles that  describe WSF. Most significant principles are  principle 1 , (wsf is intercomunication proess taking place in an open space between civil society organizations sharing some generic values and goals described in the principles),   principle 6  (WSF is not deliberative as a whole),  and  principle 7 (decisions by groups of organizations  are given  equal visibility in WSF space)

principles that  describe  generic values and goals of WSF  participants

Most significant descriptive  elements are  in prniciple 1 4 8 10 12 


WSF processs is "facilitated" by  an  Internatioal council, IC-WSF(*)  with currently about 60  organizations or facilitating committees of other social processes. All these processes are  forming,  along with WSF process,  the global WSF proacess / family   


"Facilitation" is about defining formats,  acts,  moments,  and narrative of participation ,  about  implementing the open space  with websites and logistics , about inviting to come in the  openspace and participate  in the intercommunication process , and about stimulating it. 


The participation narrative " why and how participate?" is for  inviting the organisations from civil society acting for another possible world  to come in the space and join the  intercommunication proocess 

 ( see the generic diagram about developing a  social forum intercmmunication dynamics )


The participant  organizations are the  social political  actors in this  WSF process,  they produce social political content  through discussions /activities , declarations, announcements/ initiatives , news,  and  documentation.

They are guaranteed by WSF principles that no one will  speak in their name on the basis of  the fact they have come in the  WSF space,  where acts of participation are explicit  and voluntary. 


WSF process has a 22 years long  story , started  in Porto Alegre in January 2001, that is landmarked by 15 WSF events , which  are a concentration  of  hundreds  of self organized activities/meetings of dialogue " for reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposa ls, free exchange of experiences and interlinking for effective action".  These  activitis can stem from, or be producing announcements of initiatives 

The 15 WSF events to date are : 2001 - 2002 - 2003  Porto Alegre  - 2004  Mumbai - 2005 Porto Alegree - 2006  Bamako Caracas Karachi - 2007 Nairobi -  ( 2008 week of actin)  - 2009 Belem - 2011 Dakar  - 2013 - 2015 Tunis - 2016 Montreal  - 2018 Salvador de Bahia - 2021  Virtual WSF event  - 2022  Mexico   (see an overview  of this history  in the website)

Upcoming  event is now in perspective  in Kathmandu , with  date 14-19 February 2024see page about  WSF2024

There has been  some  effort  put  recently  in giving visibility  the WSF process outside of WSF  events, through a participation platforum  which allow  to make  an organization visible  in the WSF process ( over 2000 visible so far) , and to propose  activities any time  anywhere,  and to announce initiatives of transformative action  with public action dates that can be agreggatd in a calendar  of actions by WSF participants  (see page  using WSFplatforms  hovering on in WSF2024  menu )

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