Glossary of terms frequently used in APSF context

Color Code : Items of the glossary in Red - Mention of those item in another item text is in yellow


26th monthly meeting  :  A general meeting inviting participants in the Asia Mobilizing for WSF Whatsapp group Next meeting is accessible in the join the process page

Account : in the APSF website  - an account (visible on top right  after logging in)  allows  access to a  Participation menu   where to make visible an organization page , and  several activities and action pages



Action page:  description of a public action on a specific issue and date throughout 2022 and beyond, assumed by one or preferably  several organizations - The form of an action can vary a lot - An action has a descriptive page in the website with a URL, which are listed in summarized form in - An action  can be part of the action plan  of  a more or less durable initiative of action,  which may be described in the context part of the action page  and  the WSF  join forum platform .

Action meeting room in Space of Futures  :  it is a meeting room that is permanently available for meeting around this action once an action is announced. Space of futures designates both the collection of such action meeting rooms forming a Space and also the moment, by the end of the APSF event, when participants are specifically invited to circulate in the  Space of futures  according to their interests

Activity : it is a moment of on line public discussion or performance ( Cultural activity)  in the APSF event with a duration of 1h30mn  around a topic prepared and convened by one or morye organizations .  An activity can be described in the website ( Account and  Participation menu)  and included in the event program - it is visible here and clicking on the red document icon you access the complete description page  with an own URL

Act of participation : it is something that an organization  participating in APSF or WSF event or process can do voluntarily using the Participation Menu  in the website or platform like   join the process , then edit an organization page , an activity page, an action page,  document the activty with video records and notes  

Agora of futures  : see Space of Futures -  (Agora is the main square of a city in ancient Greece where many groups discuss in parallel)

"Announcing organization" for an activity or an action in APSF  - when several organizations agree on proposing an activity in the APSF event,  or  on assuming an action on a certain date in 2022,  they agree on which of them will be the announcing organization that will create the activity  or create the action in the participation menu of its account  in APSF Website , and mention the others as co organizers or co initiators 

APSF -Asia Pacific Social Forum, event, space, and process. The website welcome  organization page, activity pâge in the event  and action page

APSF February 2022 online event -Asia Pacific Social Forum online event with over 40 online activities . see memory   program page, flyer pâge 

APSF endo fo 2023 event in Nepal -Asia Pacific Social Forum in person and possibly hybrid event to be confirmed  .

Asia  WSF mobilizing monthly meeting - it is the general meeting about the build up of APSF and participation from Asia in WSF 2022 - it takes place every 26th of the month. Next meeting here :

Asia pac WSF process 2022 Group - it is a whatsapp group with people/organizations interested to participate in ASPF and WSF 2022

Calendar of actions dates :  it is a calendar that is visible here in the case of the WSF process: It is visible as the action page in the case of APSF:

Calendar of events  in WSF  : it is a list of events ( gathering of activities)  updated here : -.  Various categories of event are distinguished ( see the second column) 

Cultural activity :  it is an activity which consist in showing  a cultural performance, it is described the same way as another activity

Declaration :  A public declaration  is an action consisting in making public a declaration by written - The date of the action is the date of publication of the declaration - As per WSF principle 6, there is no final global declaration in a social forum event, while it is possible to propose as an action,  in the action sharing assemblies and in the Agora,  a declaration to be signed by many of the participants in the event, and by other organizations after the event.

How to use the APSF site ; see indications in the lower part of the home page , see the buttons to move donw here at the top of home page 

Hybrid ; this adjective shows that there is a combination of  phyisical and online participation.  if an activity is presential and welcomes also  online participation it can be said "extended activity" or "hybrid activity". If the event is hybrid as in Mexico hybrid  may 2022 it means that there is a combination of  purely physical activities, of extended activities based in Mexico , and of online activities 

Extended activity ; it is an activity which is based in a physical place but also  has a logistics that welcomes remote participation in the activity , allowing remote participants to interact with physical participants


Event ; it is a gathering of activities , panels, assemblies   with a macroprogramming . 2 events visible here 21st Jan and 18-20 Feb ;

Event program ; it is the schedule of activities proposed in the event  days hour room. program page, flyer pâge 

Facilitating group APSF event build up: is the group of organizations that propose to take charge of implementing the social forum event with the help of participants volunteering for all kinds of tasks.  APSF facilitating group is formed by signatories of invitation visible in  and facilitators of thematic connections spaces 

Initiative of action ; is a line of action  in time that can be a struggle, a campaign, a transformative project, a common agenda , which is  assumed by a group of organizations  that have in common a goal, an action plan, out of which  certain public action dates can be outlined  and  described as action in the website

International council WSF  ; it is a facilitating body initiated in june 2001 for caring about continuity and development of WSF process as described in the  WSF principles. Around 50 organizations are part of it.  It is currently meeting mostly online and is making decision through a consensus protocol . More information here  and here


Jitsi :  is a free software tool  used for oneline  meeting rooms  for thematic connections spaces and for actions meeting rooms for the  Space of futuresAgora  of futures


join forum platform  it is a website proposed by WSF facilitation collective for preparation of WSF Mexico hybrid may 2022,  where descriptions of organizations, activities, initiatives of action can be shown and edited. There is a diapositive set indicating how to use it in the context of APSF see:

join process invitation : it is the text visible here :   answering the invitation is done  in Join page 

Next steps Assembly :  it is an activity  in APSF event which consists in a round of presentation of next steps proposals about the process facilitation,  or initiative/action announcements  assumed  intended or proposed by organizations participating in APSF-It  allows to be informed of existing or proposed actions, including  declarations,  before  choosing with which  action initiators/promoters to speak with  in the Agora . in the APSF event structure there is a time for such assemblies  prepared by groups of organizations emerging  in meeting that can be held  in thematic connections spaces

Objective of wsf2022 facilitating group : the  mexico facilitating group has formulated a set of objectives about the forum event it wants to facilitate - it is visible here ( automatic translation) :

Online activity : it is an activity which is done completely online. There is no physical central location for the discussion moment.  All activities in WSF 2021 virtual event  january 2021 and all activities in APSF event  february 18-20 2022 are online.  Part of  actviites in  WSF2022 hybrid event in mexico will be online 

Online  participant : it is a person who is participating online  either in an online activity or in  an extended activity ( it can  then be named a  "remote participant", distant from the place of the activity platform :  This website was started in the communication commission of the international council WSF in2008, as a tool for WSF participants and International council. It is dedicated to documentation of WSF process by its participants, who can create  and edit independent spaces in it.  

Organization page : it is a page with a specific URL internet address that shows the description of an organization participating in APSF . It is created through the Participation Menu  "create organization profile" and modified through "update participation profile

Pad :  pad is a page accessible in internet through a simple link  allowing  to write in it  - it is a base tool for taking notes from meeting in jitsi rooms held in  the thematic connection spaces   

Panel  in APSF : is is an activity  with a format which consists in inviting a few speakers and give them time to speak and answer some questions from the public. in the APSF event structure there is a time for such panels prepared by groups of organizations emerging in meeting that can be held in  thematic connections spaces  


Participant organization  organization which is visible in the organisations page.  Active participant organizations are those who propose activities or assume ations 

Participant person  person attending activiities held in APSF event

Participation menu in APSF website   is acessed through logging in the APSF site with an account. It allows to make visible an organization page, to announce activities,  and to announce actions

Priniciples of WSF : these are a series of elements to be understood and respected as common reference between participants about what is a social forum,  what are the values of its participants,  and some rules for operation - See page  FAQS and  page Principle 1 is establishing nature of space of encounter of  WSF , principle 6 is excluding speaking in the name of this space  and principle 7 is committing facilitators to give visiblity to decision made between participants 

Simultaneous activities -  activities which take place at the same time during the event. Participants have to choose between them

Self-organized activity : means that  topic, methodology, moderation,  online logistics ( online meeting room , broadcast, interpretation) , outreach, documentation are taken care of by those organizations who propose the activity, with or without support from facilitating group

"Space of futures" (Also "Agora of futures") : it is a on line public square/space, permanent during the APSF event, where are located different  rooms for discussions about public actions announced in the website  and it is also a moment by the end of the APSF event when participants are specifically invited to circulate in the Space of futures  according to their interests. The Space of Futures is a way to implement WSF principle 7  Note Space of futures is also known as Agora in WSF 2021 virtual. (Agora is the main square of the city in ancient Greece)

The list of actions proposed assumed by organization participating in APSF  is visible in the actions page . Each  action meeting room in the Space of futures (Agora)  is linked to an action,  and is a place where to meet with those initiators proposing this action -  Participants go  in the action page  , browse the  the summaries of action - note one or more actions that interest them - note the message from the action initiators indicating if and when they are present in their  Jitsi  action meeting room  associated with this  action- Participants enter the action room  in order to speak informally  with its initiators  

As a public declaration is considered an action , there can be one or several declarations that can be promoted in the Space of Futures/ Agora ; Also  their respective action meeting room  in Jitsi can lead to a more powerful on line meeting room provided by the promoters of such a declaration  before or during the Space of Future/ Agora moment, in order to run an assembly/activity where a list of first signatories organization finalize and adopt a declaration in their name,  and proceed to publish it and look for more signatories on line (using online forms for instance).

Structure of APSF event :  it is vislble here :

Thematic connections space :  There are 9 thematic connections spaces for the buid up of APSF. Each one  is a whatsapp group + a meeting room in Jitsi where participants can meet and exchange expectations and intentions of activities and actions  , and may prepare  a panel and  an next steps  inter assembly - see guidelines here ;

TVAgora :  This is the video coverage of the Space/moment of futures-  a TVsutdio distributes the time between reporters that are visiting various action meeting rooms in the Space of Futures/ Agora of futures . see here experience in WSF 2021

WSF Global process : is a notion gathering the set of existing social forum processes inspired by WSF world process 

WSF world process : has been mainly the series of WSF world events since 2001 to date. 15 events from WSF2001 porto alegre to wsf2022 in mexico 

WSF world inter event process : it is what happens in between  WSF events periods. Organization can make themselves visible in the join wsforum platform,  - They can announce activities  in any date and place in the world, They can announce initiatives of actions

WSF world  event virtual  january 2021 : it is gathering of online activities that took place January 23 to 30th 2021 - more info here

WSF world  event hybrid   May 2022: has been both  a  gathering of  physical activities  announced in Mexico city on May 1-6 , part of which made extended activities by their organizers,  and a gathering of purely online activities around those dates. Hence the name hybrid event