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This platform has been developed around three succesive events  in two social frorum processes: world social forum of transformative economies WSFET  2020,  Virtual WSF 2021, and WSF2022 Mexico. It  is ongoing for the inter-event period and can be updated for WSF2024 event.

Here are the steps to use it during 2023, towards WSF2024


Create a personal account (can be with an organization email or personal one) (just fill starred fields and submit.) 


Then  check your mailbox and follow a link  that  you receive in a message   from the WSF platform:  you are taken to a page where you can choose your password  


Once done, you are logged in  ( and can log off and log in later ) (before  creating  an organisation page ,  you can usefully check in purple menu "organizations"  that  a page has not been already created for your organizations)

and can go to orange menu “register organization”, and fill the form (just fill starred fields and submit),

Go to page  and check that your organization page has been created ( it should be on top of the list) 

Then you can edit further the created organization page using  blue menu  "my submissions". (organization am responsible for)

So: two distinct steps  1/ personal account (invisible)  2/organisation page (visible)


Now your organization is visible a s a participant in WSF process, ( among over 2000 others) 

you can see the WSF directory hovering n the APSF  purple menu : Organizations 


Then it is possible to describe an activity of dialogue  proposed  anytime,  anywhere  showing which are the different  organizations cooperating to prepare it, invite  for it , document it  -  see  WSF process program  hovering on APSF menu : Activities   


Also it is possible  to describe an  initiative of transformative action, showing which are the diferent organizations  allied to develop it , outreach for it , update it , with a work plan and some  public action dates in the next 18 months ( orange menu)   see  initiatives in WSF  menu  hovering in APSF site menu : Actions 

wsf participation platform menus.png
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