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Each facilitation comittee of a social forum process , which is part of the Global WSF process family  can  invite participants in "its" process to  participate  in WSF process and in WSF2024 event. 


Doing so? they will contribute to relevancy of the WSF2024 event , and WSF process and their own social forum  intercommunication  process dynamics will benefit from the contacts and inspirations  drawn  from the  various participations of organizations that can decide to participate in various processes,  and can place activies in more thatnone process (eg a same webina may be described  as  an activity which is  simulteously  placed in APSF process,  and in WSF process)  

The  diagram below   has 4 parallel  strips  showing the time flow in 4 different social forum processes

In the strip of APSF process, it is reflected that APSF facilitation committee is stimulating APSF national centered intercommunication  processes  appearing as pinkish lines 

At this point there is intention to reactivate Pakistan social forum process and  India Socialforum processes

 An “ APSF national process” can stay as a “local dynamics of participation in APSF process and in WSF process”,

or it can give way to building a  complete “national social forum process”, with is facilitating committee, its logo, its website etc,  coexisting with APSF and WSF process.

The diagram is showing  Acts of participation  0 1 2 3 4 :

  • 0  Browse and consult available infomation 

  • 1 Join the process  personally  

  • 2 Make  organization visible as collective participant ( after internal decision to do so) 

  • 3 invite in the name of orgnizations to co prepare  or  attend  activities/meetings,  and  to co prepare or support initiatives 

  • 4 build  "focus spaces " in which  facilitation goups  organize events (clusters of activities with this focus) 

The diagram is showing  Tasks of facilitation  A B C :

  • A Organize, dispatch facilitation tasks between  NOC ( Nepal Organizing committee), IC, ( Inernational council  WSF) and APS FC

  • B Develop national intercommunicaion processees towardsWSF2024

  • C Develop websites according to methdology   event website, intercommunication  website, newswebsite ...

overview towards WSF2024 march with 2 logo.png
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