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Here is a list of links to websites which are related  to social forum processes 

Social forum  related websites are mainly answering 2 questions  "HOW to participate? what is a social forum?"  and  "WHO is participating?"  (mutual visibility, which is a key elements as described here




apsf website ( providing  info on how to participate and mutual visibiity about who participates) 











presentation shared in the  general meeting APSF last 26 april

wsf event 2024  participation website  now  in pubilc domain 

EVENT  WEBSITE WSF2024  NEPAL  (in public test phase)
Create "organization"  account  and describe an organization

Create activity pages 

Create individual account

Nepal general council :

Nepal organizing committee

Noc Call :

Noc Brochure :

WSF principles


wsf  process  participation website ",  started in  2021- adapted  in process perspective in 2022- and  adpatable to wsf2024  context beyond ( eg replace  logo of mexico with loog of Nepal)  - it provides mutual visibilty on who is participating and what is proposed in tems of dialogue ( activities)  and action ( initiatives    presence in the permanent process


openfsm website : a proposed documentation of what is happening in the global WSF context- focused on how to participate,  what is wsf


wsf2021 event  website - it is focused  on "how to participate in wsf2021  event" and combining with join wsforum  website giving mutual visiblity on who is participating


wsf2018 event website, is giving infof on how to participate  and mutual visibility  for wsf2018 event  ( now this function has disappeared)

(the  domain name is lost?)


news website  (prototype) focusing ongiving mutual visiblity on production of news from participant in wsf event 


wsf2022 website - focused  on how to participate and  combining with join wsforum

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