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The Inclusivity Project

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TIP is a research and analysis institute which plans to conduct research on the under developed, under reached and invisible communities in the world through providing ground level research data, evidence and information to the world. It also aims to map these communities and build capacities of these communities and individuals from the communities through trainings, study courses, conferences, discussion groups and exposure visits for understanding the conditions and magnitude of the concerns. The institution will be also working on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) especially on the monitoring and follow up/review as well as providing data and evidence for the nation state for effective and inclusive program implementation.


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Globally there are many communities and groups which are underrepresented in the development paradigm. Lack of information or data (or disaggregate data) has proved catalytic in their social/human, economic and political under development of these communities. They have been socially excluded due to various socio-cultural determinants like race, class, caste, ethnicity, age, sexuality, location or linguistic representation. These communities have are invisible to many developmental programs and services, which made them unreachable to developmental dialogues and participation.

The scarcity of research and data has played a crucial role in their inability in inclusive and effective procurement of the basic services, thus making them vulnerable to any forms of positive and equitable action. This has also contributed to their low socio-cultural integration, thus inversely affecting their economic and political participation. The Sustainable development goals (SDG) has opened a new prism of data collection and sharing which would bring the various groups and communities to come together.

These communities are found all over the world, without an identity or common name, and more over unaware of the others existence. In lack of credible research and data, there is no platform for a unified identity for these communities within and among the countries. Thus TIP tries to provide research, data and information resources for these groups and communities for ensuring integration and inclusion through systematic and sustainable mechanisms.

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