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Right to Food Bangladesh

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Right to Food Bangladesh (RtF BD), an umbrella network comprising of more than 1000 civil society organizations and networks, peasants’ organizations, trade unions, women organizations, youth organizations, researchers, academia, marginalized people and individual among others. Learn More:

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The RtF BD network emerged in 2015 following the ‘South Asia Right to Food- SARF Conference’ held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The SARF Conference was an event of critical significance in the context of the people’s right to food in this part of the world. The Anti-Poverty Platform- APP, a platform that originated in 2009, initiated organizing the conference in collaboration with University of Dhaka, National Human Rights Commission and Pertinent Stakeholders as part of its policy advocacy and campaign. With the slogan ‘Right to Food is Human Right’, South Asia Right to Food Conference 2015 commenced with a grand Inaugural Ceremony with the gracious presence of Honorable Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Since inception, besides countrywide campaign and policy advocacy, network has been generating evidence through survey, research by own along with secondary sources of the information to analyze the real scenario at the grassroots on the Food & Nutrition. As a result the campaign grew intense with a series of advocacy meeting, lobbying with the minister and MPs and mass gathering around the demand and making the serious momentum for framing the Right to Food Act along with the Food Rights related issues i.e Social Safety Net Programs based on NSSS, Sustainable Agriculture, Safe Food, Food Wastage & Food Crisis, Responsible Food Habit & Consumers behavior, Indigenous People's Rights in Social safety Net Programs, Institutional Support for Women Farmers, Women & Girls right to Food & Nutrition, Small producers, local small entrepreneurs and other marginalized people's interest as part of responsible investment, SDGs, Eighth Five Year Plan and implementation of National Food & Nutrition Security Policies. WAVE Foundation has been providing secretariat support to RtF BD Network


Ensuring the right to food and nutrition for citizens especially for the poor, marginalized, women and children.


· To encourage the government in taking specific steps towards formulating the ‘Right to Food Act’.

· To engage the major political parties and stakeholders in formulating the ‘Right to Food Act’.

· To promote active citizenship at all sphere of the society including students, youths and women in order to establish Right to Food and Nutrition for all.

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