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Hawai'i Institute for Human Rights

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Summary of organization

The Hawaii Institute for Human Rights is a simple and sincere effort to
mobilize our citizens of Hawai'i and the world to express their basic rights and explore the
possibilities for compassion and peace in our islands.

The Hawaii Institute for Human Rights (HIHR) is dedicated to promoting
human rights principles and inspired to creating a culture of peace
through education and advocacy. By implementing civil, political,
economic, social, cultural, collective and ecological rights, HIHR will
foster international public law instruments. HIHR strives for social
justice in the development of a sustainable society in Hawai'i.

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Detail description of organization

HIHR serves as a regional coordinator in Asia-Pacific in a network of
resistance to colonialism. HIHR documents violations, provides assistance
and advice to other NGOs.
HIHR applies resources to achieve the full implemention of the
international and regional human rights law. HIHR also explores assistance
efforts in defense of human rights before the UN international and
regional human rights commissions, committees and courts. HIHR works to
offer an integrated program of assistance from filing to implementing
recommendations and decisions. HIHR offers its advice on substantive and
procedural questions of international human rights and possible strategies
for formal application of international law in domestic proceedings. HIR
also offers educational efforts to promote a greater familiarity with the
legal doctrines and procedures of the international instruments among the
NGOs of the Asia-Pacific region. HIHR also conducts workshops annually to
analyze recent cases involving the regional and international human rights
mechanisms. This methodology allows the community to comprehend the claims
and rights in international human rights law. It also lends itself to
assist those interested in the community to learn in practical means the
requirements for bringing claims forward and to assess the legal
jurisprudence of the international institution.The familiarity with
pending and recently decided decisions enrichest the ability for future
judicial activism.

HIHR also sponsors talks of people returning from international and
regional meetings to share the experience, assess challenges, coordinate
for future sessions.

HIHR  facilitates meetings, seminars, and roundtable discussions and
facilitate outgoing communications among NGOs to further our campaign
goals. The interactive workshops, seminars and symposium contribute to
consciousness raising.

HIHR activities focus on action-research, training in human rights and
legal literacy, information sharing and networking. HIHR aims to end
discrimination against women, indigenous peoples and other vulnerable
peoples through empowerment programs linked to action0-research at the
grassroots level with tools and strategies to challenge and nonviolently
confront structures of inequality. HIHR carries out research,
disseminating the gathered information in various forms by utilizing
research results to enact policy and social changes. HIHR produces
training programs, resource materials and publications.

HIHR insists on influencing international institutions, promotes
participatory programs of nonviolent direct action, fosters diplomacy,
builds efficacy in people power. HIHR aims to create conditions to nurture
empathy and embrace elder wisdom and encourage youth empowerment.

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