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Global Forum Against Caste-based Discrimination

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Global Forum Against Caste-based Discrimination is a global platform to combat against all forms of caste-based discrimination. Caste based discrimination, even in this modern era, has been persisting in different parts of the world as the degrading forms of practice against Dalits community who are often identified as marginalized, historically disadvantaged community and backward community that differs by its specific regions or a country. Caste based discrimination has directly impacted more than 260 million Dalit around the globe especially in south Asia. The socio-economic, political and religious reproduction of caste based discrimination has resulted Dalit to fall into least developed human category and survive a servitude form of life.

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Global Forum with a team of activist and professionals who are currently living in diaspora, with an objective of providing global solidarity against all forms discrimination, has realized the importance to initiate a global action to combat the illicit forms of discrimination. This initiative will mainly provide and seek solidarity on the rights based movement in global level; empower and mobilize affected community to establish their human rights and social justice;  contribute to the policies and program intervention to the National and International governmental institutions particularly to develop that policy/program against Caste baste Discrimination; provide humanitarian support to the affected community; Identify & mobilize the internal and external resources against the campaign of caste based discrimination related interventions. In order to achieve these objectives, Global Forum has aimed to conduct its major program such as policy lobbying through print/electronic media, research and study; seminar, conference, campaign and solidarity to eliminate caste based discrimination. These programs will be implemented by the team of executive board and professionals in collaboration with different national and international organizations.

Finally, Global Forum would like to declare its formal global action to combat against caste based discrimination and would like to urge all the nations; national and international academicians, professionals, activists to join hands in this august initiative to eliminate discrimination and contribute to bring justice and equality for Dalits.

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