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in WSF and APSF

Showing their presence in the respective open space of the  APSF or WSF  intercommunication processes  is the first public collective "act of participation"  of  people movements and CSOs interested to take part. ( see  how to use this site  and  using wsf platform pages) 

This results in having  an organization page in the APSF website and or in the WSF participation platform. (see  yellow buttons  top of this page)   and  this  is going a step further  beyond  the indirect presence  of organisations  visible  in  APSF thematic  connection  spaces,  through persons  linked to these  organizations , 

this  first  act of "entering the space"  is not further  committing,  beyond affirming that the organization ( which can have a variety of formats , with or without legal existence) is considering itself  a APSF or WSF participant entity , and is sharing the generic values and goals described in the WSF principles

Then, through other  voluntary acts of participation,  the organization  is liable to :

be proactive  in the process , and : 

-co  organize, with other  orgnizations,  activities of intercommunication  with a few hours of duration ( "for reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and interlinking for effective action") ,

- produce news about its participation  , or


-co promote,  with other  orgnizations,  initiatives of action  of all kinds , ranging from a simple public declaration  to  a  common agenda , to  a shared action plan  for a campaign or a struggle spanning over  several  months/ years, or 

be simply reactive  in the process  and  : 


 -send delegates to participate  in activities proposed by  other organizations   or,

- decide to support initiative and actions announced by other  organisations 

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