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Publishing   "News from participants" : this is a fourth  possible basic  act of participation,  after  showig presence, annoucing activity/meeting , announcing initaitive /statements


It is consisting in  sending  News to facilitation committee along  a standard common format  with  text, image, and links ( it maybe done through a form accessible  in the event website)  according to a generic format and size and respecting  an equitative frequency publication  criteria, so that  each  voice is heard  ( eg one news per organization  per month*)


News, is published in the name of an organization , or in the name of a group of organisations cooperating around a meeting/activity or around an initiative/ statement  announcement.


In the case of en event, The news can be  published in a specific website  run by event  facilitation committee ( it can be the event website itself) 


The link to the news ( each "news" has its own url)  is circulated in official social networks of the wsf event , and its url  is also of course disseminated in the channels of  communicaiton of  the organizations that have pubilshed it-

The link to the news convey the fact that it has been published in the WSF process and gives also an  access to all the other news published (mutual visibility)   -News publication by participants   is  thena strong vector of communication about/from the forum to its participants and to the general public,   through action of its participants  ("communicating about/from wsf " is part of participating in WSF)

This is showing diversity horizontality and relevancy of the social forum intercommunication process. between collectives/organisations ( note : news  wiht inputs by intellectuals/individuals  can be hosted by certain organizations in their own news publication quota).


(*)Beyond those  news, visible in wsf related websites, organizations are of course free to publish  news in their own websites without  any  equitative  visibility criteria 

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