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Meeting of Nepalese CSOs 18th January afternoon  about taking forward organization of WSF 2024 event  in the context of APSF process.


Started in 2001, the series of 16 World Social Forum events to date has been a  visible manifestation of global civil society, bringing together non-governmental organisations, advocacy campaigns, and formal and informal social movements seeking international solidarity. The facilitators of the Wolrd social Forum, gathered in an international council, opted to define it as "an open space” – plural, diverse, non-governmental and non-partisan – where that movements and organizations, engaged in concrete actions towards a more solidarity, democratic and fair worldn are stimulated towards the decentralized debate, reflection, proposals building, experiences exchange and alliances . The open space sustains a permanent intercommunication process to build alternatives to neoliberalism." In the course of years, participations in the WSF have also spawned a number of Regional Fora, event and process, built on the common WSF principles, the facilitating committees of which are welcome to join IC and co facilitate the common WSF event build up. 

WSF event held in Mumbai in 2004, was a huge success, with massive participation of people and movements; However, for whatever reasons, there has not been a persistent decision,  by  some  key organizations involved in wsf 2004, to invest in sustaining this process, after 2011 
Over the past year, there has been a revival of the World Social Forum process in Asia. Over 200 organisations from across the Asia Pacific region participated in the online Asia Pacific Social Forum during 18-20 February 2022 with just two months of process and preparation. This clearly demonstrated the felt need for exchange and solidarity in the region and the possibility of reviving and renewing the social forum process in the region.   
People in most parts of Asia are dealing with authoritarianism, war and conflict, deep inequalities, destruction of the environment, undecent habitat and livelihood and a shocking lack of social security. There are increasing restraints on right to speak and organize.

While most of these issues have to be battled locally and nationally, the advantage of having a global outreach where experiences, strategies, information and solutions can be exchanged is critical in what is a very globalized world. Such opportunities exist in our region only at sectoral and intergovernmental level.

 It is very useful to have a space like the Forum where various peoples movements, networks can meet and interact without the pressure of having to agree on the details of their politics, strategy, tactics and ideology. All that is needed is a broad commitment to a sustainable, just and equitable world, free from war, casteism, racism, religious sectarianism and patriarchy.
The main connection spaces  in the APSF open space are currently along thematic dimensions (more info here), and other such spaces can be created,  along  sectoral or geographic dimensions, where participants from all over the continent can share announcements and start dialogue towards self organized case by case cooperation: 
●        Peace & War & Security 
●        Economic Justice
●        Communication Education, Culture
●        Society Diversity (women and youth empowerment and fight against discrimination) 
●        Democracy & People’s Movements
●        Social Justice
●        Climate , Ecology & Transition
●        Future of Social movements of  WSF & Civil Society organizing
●        Agrarian Struggles 
After The APSF event in February, participants from a dozen countries, representing a wide range of sectors in the different regions of Asia met in Bangkok from Aug 10th to 12th and discussed the social forum process in Asia Pacific region and the relevance and the possibilities and challenges involved in taking it forward.
Main decisions and observations from the participants  in this Bangkok  meeting based on consensus are:
1.     The social forum process is critically relevant for movements in Asia.
2.     The social forum space should be inclusive and mainly accessible to and used by social movements, and sectoral networks which are in struggle. 
3.     It is decided to explore the possibility of organising a presential-hybrid  APSF event in Nepal in last quarter of 2023, A final decision will be taken in January in Nepal, when Nepal Groups will have come up with a proposal about their willingness and capacity to host a significant size APSF  event . Consequently  APSF Facilitation group meeting is scheduled in Kathmandu, Nepal during 16-18 January 2023.
4. A series of online and offline meetings and webinars are being organised  towards those dates in continuation of this process.
Current status:
The APSF facilitation Group, with about 40 organizations in it,  is now a member entity of the International Council (IC), the principal facilitating body for WSF. Besides, other Asia-level networks  are also in the process of applying for membership. It has issued a presentation pamphlet for APSF process
The APSF has  started the formation of following  sub committees to develop the build up towards the APSF  event and beyond, While it has a functioning Facilitation sub-group, the following sub-committees have started working:  Methodology and Content, Resources, Mobilisation and Communication.
The APSF process is also being introduced  by members of APSF  facilitation group on occasion of various Asia-level regional events including ASEAN People’s Forum, the upcoming C 20 etc. .( more info here) This group is also organising monthly general info meetings every 26th of the month and  set up a continental webinar as part of the WSF IC decisions ( More info here




Invitation to January 2023 Meeting in Nepal and future plans: 
A follow up planning meeting of about 100  representatives from different organ and networks is being held during 16-19th January 2023 in Kathmandu, where the details of the APSF event to be organised in Nepal will be discussed.
The event build up process and planning have to be as inclusive as possible. The process is the basis for the solidarity across political and geographical divisions. The meeting in Nepal  is expected to finalise the event dates, launch symbolically  the  build up, and plan  the preparations many months or even a year in advance of those dates  
We look forward to hearing from many networks, peoples movements, NGOs, policy groups from the Asia Pacific region. Kathmandu meeting  is an occasion join the APSF facilitation process and combine with focused side meetings . Please share this message with those who may be interested to participate as well.


1. Summarized updated KTM meetings Programme Agenda ( tentative subject to revision by Nepali hosts)

(please find the detailed agenda in the annexure below)


  • 16 January- APSF FC meeting presentations on wsf history  on relevance in asia on 2004 experience

  • 17 January-  APSF FC meeting continues - next steps for organization in APSF process

  • 18 January- APSF  FC review of national processes  morning 

  • 18 january afternoon  meeting with Nepal's CSOs about organizing wsf 2024

  • 19th January morning  - session with APSF FC and Nepal CSOs about  discussing the tasks of various subcommittees for the event  and  evolving first steps of planing


2. Registration  
Result from registration form now closed 
3. Logistics:
Venue: Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN), Gairidhara, Kathmandu.

The organiser (LDC Watch/SAAPE/RRN) will cover the two days (16 and 17 January 2023) lunch and dinner expenses of the participants.
For application for participation and general enquiries please write to
For logistics in Kathmandu:
Contact persons are indicated in the registration form now closed.
In solidarity
Facilitation Group for the Asia Pacific Social Forum Process

Agenda for the meetings in KTM
15th january - Arrival day
first meeting between hosts and APSF FC members arrived  in hotel 
Morning 16th - APSF FC meeting-  9am-1pm  RRN venue
Presentation on  WSF history 

Presentation on relevance of WSF in Asia 

Presentation on organizing experience of WSF2004

Afternoon 16th - APSF FC meeting - 2pm-6pm RRN venue
Presentations from Nepal  
16.30-17.30  - Launching of South Asia Wealth Tax Report- Taxing the rich-
Morning 17th - APSF FC meeting-  9am-1pm  RRN venue
meeting continued  - Organization of APSF facilitation
Afternoon 17th - APSF FC meeting - 2pm-6pm   RRN venue
meeting continued 
16.00 Conference about future of socialism in Nepal with 4 invited parties
Morning 18th -    9am-1pm   hotel
1/ Meeting of APSF FC - review of national processes 
18th Afternoon – NOC launching of build up towards APSF event  - 2pm-6pm  RRN venue

(proposed by Saape/RRN NCC :
/ 13:00 -15:30 pm    Meeting with Nepal CSOs )

19th Morning   
1/ visit of possible venues for wsf 2024  

19th afternoon   hotel 
2/didactic session between Nepal CSOs and APSF FC members about tasks of different committees and planning till presentation of proposal to IC WSF 
20 th  departure day

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