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Joining personally, APSF process as individual participant,
Answering the Join ASPF Invitation & Global Call to participation


Join the APSF Social Forum Process : click here (short form) 

Join the  info mailing list where to be notified of into and   upcoming 26th of the month APSF Monthly General Meeting

Indicate in which thematic connection spaces  you would be present for possible connections , in relation  somehow with your  organization ,  but not committing it. 

Next steps for Engaging your organization in the intercommunication process


In APSF process : Create an account in this website  ( see register  link  top right , click on your account name to see the drop down menu  and , should you feel leigitimate to do so, create your organization  profile in  APSF  participant organisation) -

see more indication in How to use this site

In WSF process  : see  using WSF platform,  for doing the same in WSF platform)


See entry points page 

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