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Global  WSF process  is  a set of  independent and  autonomous processes that have in common being inspired by the WSF  process initiated  in 2001 in Porto Alegre en Brazil

Global WSF process (GWSF)   is a notion that has been affimed in International council WSF  Meeting in Tunis in December 2022

This notion  comprises: 

Social forum processes ( see  a generic  proposed  description of asocial forum process) , among which :

- WSF process ,  with 15 worldscale events over 22 years, described by WSF principles   as a open space of encounters 
This process is facilitated  by  International Council  IC WSF
For each event there is aslo  a specific  organizaing commitee,   
WSF2024  will be next event 

- Others thematic,  regional, national, social forum processe , with their respective facilitating committees, that can be applying to be member entities of IC-WSF, in order to contribte wiht their facilitating experience in the WSF process facilitation.  They can also be active in the Cohesive dialogue about Global WSF

Among those social forum processes , there is APSF process,  and  possiblty soon  ISF/WSFindia  process  there is also  for instance  Iraq social forum process and Palestine social forum process

see here  a Global WSF calendar of events, distinguishing  social forum  process  "events" (  "events" are cluster of "activities" held in intercommunication process in a sae short period of time)  and other "events" ( that are not announcing to be build according to WSF principles, even though there might be some proximity)

These social forum processes are intrcommunication  processes that are NOT deliberative "as a whole", taking place in an open space ,  see the WSF principle 1 and 6  , of course  organizations participating can make decisions in their own name  see the WSF principle 7.

- Social assembly processes, which contrarry to social fourm processes, are intercommunication processes which are deliberative as a whole. This is  a new  part of the Global WSFprocess, in exploration and development. A first social assembly process, named " World Assembly of Struggles and resistances of the WSF" is being developed  since Tunis meeting. Such assembly processes can find or develop representation in IC to contribute to the cohesive dialogue  in global WSF process/family

Facilitating committees of each process is deemed to act so that each process in the Global WSF process /family respects autonomy of others processes.  Internatonal council  o fWSF IC-WSF can be a place where to hold dialogue between those committees that can be present in IC WSF  ( eg facilitating committee of APSF is member entity of IC WSF)  - Those processes participating voluntarily and constructively in such a Cohesive dialogue in autonomies in the context of  GWSF through participation in IC WSF can  be described as Global WSF family , which is a subset of processes  inside  the GWSF process notion.

As shown in diagram below  a same organization  can participate in,  or can contribute to facilitation of,  various social intercommunication processes in the Global WSF  context

It is also  mainly    from below,  through acts of participation of organizations   participating  in them, such as  organizing activities ,  describing initiatives ,  or attending sessions of social assemblies, that the various  social processes in the Global WSF  family are being connected together

Global WSF with APSF.png

See here notes from  a meeting  held in september 2020  when  an articulation group form iCWSF has been convening representatives of 15 faciltation  committes of existing social forum processes

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