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TFG5C: Reclaiming Our Future: Perspective of the Youth Movement

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Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD)

Action Committee for Democratic Development (ACDD), Myanmar

People's Plan for the 21st Century (PP21)

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Enhancing the youth participation in decision making and innovation for social change

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Young generation today is facing a new chapter of social context. COVID-19 pandemic, Disruption, Tik Tok, BitCoin/ Crypto currency, 5G/6G technology, E-Games, E-Warfare, Education, Jobs, and various forms of complicated and sophisticated system. The youth and students role in opposing to the suppressive regimes of military junta, autocrats and authoritarianism are quite applaudable. Sparking of the critical issues, spearheading the action campaign and alert the public concern always led by the youth and students in the previous years.

This session is providing an opportunity for the young people to share and learn from each other in order to move forward and wish to bring about social progress based on democratic principle, peaceful culture and social justice.


1. To provide a general platform for the youth to share and learn from each other and take up issues they are interested and concern.

2. To identify the key challenges being faced by the young social activists

3. To explore the possible collective action for social, political and economic changes under the new modernization and technological innovation.

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