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TFG5B: People's Movement in Transitional Justice

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Boonthan T. Verawongse ACFOD/ PP21

Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD)

Campaign for Popular Democracy (CPD), Thailand

Alliance for Free Burma Solidarity

People's Plan for the 21st Century (PP21)

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General description: The workshop will be covering the issues of authoritarianism, abuse of power/ corruption, post-war/ post -independence, fraud election, defunct of parliamentary system, conflict of interest ,rule of law, democratic governance, and human rights violation)

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Asian rise of democracy and popular uprisings in various countries in the last 50 years since 1970s had brought about positive changes in many countries. Some brutal violence taken place while military regime suppressing the people's protest action violently not only with, water cannon, teargas, chemical hazardous agents, batons but rubber bullets and the machine guns or explosive lethal / war weapons violently.

For instances,

§ Thailand in October 14, 1973; and bloody massacre in October 6, 1976

§ Resistance Movement in Kwangju, South Korea in 1980 Uprising opposed to the military power led by Gen. Chun du Hwan; and later South Korea in 1986;

§ EDSA Revolution against Marcos Dictatorship after the assassination of democratic leader, Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino and the sham election. a few years later, in February 1986 in the Philippines; Again EDSA2 in

§ Burmese Uprising against military regime (since 1962) knowing as 8.8.88 in August 1988;

§ Student led Demonstrations and ended up with bloody massacre at Tian an Men Square in China, June 4, 1989;

§ Democratic Movement in Nepal in 1990 and many times until achieved democracy at some certain extent in midst 1990s and disrupted by the monarchy in 2007;

§ INTIFADA Uprising of Palestinian students and people in 1991;

§ May 1992 Uprisings against military intervention in Thailand;

§ The Reformasi Movement in Indonesia and Malaysia in 1998;

§ and the pro-Independence Movement for East Timor gained more momentum in 1998 until its referendum and later gained independence in 2002.

In Latin America, strong movement of La Via Campesina, MST, Zapatista also created some momentum for social transformation at some certain extent.

All of these movement given a strong inspiration for others including the Rose Revolution (Georgia 2003-2004), Arab Spring (2010-2011), Jasmine Revolution (Tunisia 2010-2011), Umbrella Movement (HK 2014), and bersih Movement in Malaysia (2005 onward). While in Thailand, People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) in Thailand (2005 -2006), Red Shirts in Thailand (2010), and another massive SHUT DOWN protests (2013-2014), and the Thai Youth and Students Street Actions and Flash Mobs (2020 - 2021) are some examples of new social movement in the last 10-20 years.

Sharing of information and experiences as the lessons learned for like-minded people's organization and movement is a step towards a greater collaboration. Strength of the social movement in Asia Pacific to move forward positive change based on common values despite diversity need a better understanding. If the broader Alliance of Hope is possible, then Another World is Possible.


1. To provide the common platform for people exchange to understand the reality, history and vision for democratic development in various countries, regions, and movement;

2. To share views on the movement response to current situation at national and regional levels;

3. To outline the possible future collaboration and foster the democratic forces in the region for a better atmosphere and collective action

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