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TFG5A: Grassroots and Comnunity Democratic Rights and Social, Economic Justice

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Asian Cultural Forum on Developnent (ACFOD) and PP21

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Boonthan T. Verawongse ACFOD/ PP21

Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD)

People's Plan for the 21st Century (PP21)

Esperanza, Timor Leste

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The workshop will be addressing the key challenges of marginalized sectors e.g. Peasants. Workers, Urban Poor, Indigenous Peoples, Minorities, Migrants, etc. and further discussion on people empowerment.

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In the struggle for genuine democracy, social and economic justice, majority is always the grassroots who were marginalized by the social, economic and cultural domination, class and cast. Centralization of power is the way to maintain hierachical unjust structure in order to maintain status quo to continue their benefit of power-that-be. These marginalized/ vulnerable groups/ sectors are being neglected by the ruling elites either the authoritarian or totalitarian regime. Still, the poverty, inequality, unhealthy and various forms of exploitation kept continuing for years and decades. Peasants, Workers, Urban Poor, Indigenous Peoples, Minorities, Migrants, Stateless, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Dalit, continued to be treated unfairly in most of the countries in the region. Their Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights being undermined in many countries and states even though they committed to international human rights obligations but never keep their promise. The grassroots struggle for their survival such as Land Right, Housing Right, Access to water, natural resources and public services including health care, Access to Justice, are in common. Furthermore, the right to peaceful livelihood and free from various kinds of intimidation and suppression also the cases.

Therefore, it is legitimate rights for the grassroots and community to reclaim their basic human rights through participatory democratic struggle, and people empowerment. To ensure a meaningful quality of life, collective efforts and wisdom is important to gain strength and move forward positive change to ensure human dignity, Democratic Rights and Social, Economic Justice and justice for all. Whether the SDG Agenda 2030 is practical or feasible, that's still being questioned.


1. To provide the common platform for the grassroots movement to exchange their problems and obstacles in various countries, regions, and movement;

2. To share views on the movement response to current situation at national and regional levels and explore the challenges and opportunity for empowerment;

3. To outline the possible future collaboration and foster the grassroots democratic forces in the region for a collective action

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