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Sutra Mandali on Dignified Livelihood

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Vikalp Sangam

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+91 9818755443

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Vikalp Sutra

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Sutra Mandali (Action-Oriented Dialogues) with different working on Dignified Livelihood and how they have worked on livelihoods to encompass rights, security, access, justice and well being for all living beings

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Description of activity

Sutra Mandali is one of Vikalp Sutra's initiatives and is a space for collective knowledge sharing and mentoring on issues and strategies around sustainable and dignified livelihoods.


  1. To create an understanding of the concept of ‘dignified livelihoods.’
  2. To share strategies that work in creating/ building dignified livelihoods.
  3. To discuss challenges, both internal and external, in enabling dignified livelihoods.
  4. To find mentorship and solutions (i.e. collaborations & resources) that help build and sustain dignified livelihoods, for a specific occupational category of people, function or sector.

In this Mandali we discuss how different groups have worked on livelihoods to encompass rights, security, access, justice and well being for all living beings.


Our focus is to understand these processes and experiences to build a framework that can be used as a resource for groups/individuals working towards dignified livelihoods.

  1. What are the different approaches to working on livelihoods?
  2. What are the different kinds of challenges encountered in livelihood-related work?  What mechanisms are used for combatting them?
  3. How do you communicate the importance of enabling dignity in livelihoods, to communities, members, and partners you work with in the field?
  4. How have different structures been used to mobilize, implement and advocate for sustenance and dignity in livelihoods at the community level?

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