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Reimagining Just Transitions

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Vikalp Sangam

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Vasudha Varadarajan,

Avinash Kumar,

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‘Just transition’ means moving to a more sustainable economy in a way that’s fair to everyone – including people working in polluting industries. In our panel discussion, we take a deep dive into how we can envision the paradigm of ‘Just Transition’ in the Asia Pacific region with experts, activists, journalists and practitioners on what we need to understand and how we can make the process truly ‘just.’

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Just Transition is a vision-driven, unifying, and place-based set of principles, procedures, and activities that help people transition from an extractive to a regenerative economy. This entails a waste-free, holistic approach to the production and consumption cycles. The transition itself must be reasonable and equal, with restitution for past wrongs and new power arrangements for the future. The outcome will never be just if the transition process is not just. Just Transition is a phrase that explains where we're headed as well as how we'll get there.


Moderated by

Benson Isaac, Greenpeace



Soumya Dutta, SAPACC

Farida Akhtar

Mayank Agarwal



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