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Prelim APSF Conference 21Jan22 TFG8 on implementations and future of world social forum wsf

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various organizations cooperating in thematic space 8

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Kindly note that the time dedicated to  self organized activities are  18th  third and fourth slot and 19th third and fourth slot.
18th, 19th, 20th first and second slots are focused on opening session and activities developed from the thematic focus groups  - and  20th third and fourth slot to agora of actions and closing moment. Info:  or see Menu info/ 3 days event

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about activities in APSF event 18-20 february and public actions in 2022 - see activity list and action list

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Notes taken during the 21st jan workshop will be available here



who is in the TFG8 space

Facilitator  Meena           India        Working People's Coalition         Working President        National coalition of organisations working with informal labour in India

⭐Pierre        George        France        ForumConnect         it is a small collective of 4 people  we have all same role          Our goal is to develop a body of knowledge through FORUM CONNECT dialogue sessions, and the documentation from those, that will help better understand, and practice as participants , the WSF, and possibly, to better implement its manifestations in “facilitating collectives”.

⭐Arjun        Nepal        Rural Reconstruction Nepal-RRN         CEO

⭐Suraj         India        Bhim Rao Trust        Bhim Rao Trust        Bhim Rao Trust        Bhim Rao Trust

⭐Manjula          India        National Council of Women Leaders        National Convenor        The National Council of Women Leaders (NCWL) is a body working across India uniting women and trans-women working for the rights of Tribal, Dalit, Religious minorities (Buddhist, Christians, Muslims) and sex workers with the aim to create a network imbibing values of collective leadership, democratic and transparent decision making processes and with the objective to give visibility and a platform to the work of grassroots women leaders from the marginalised communities.

⭐SYED HASAN        RAIHAN        India        WAYVE Foundation        Executive Director        WAYVE Foundation works for the empowerment of women and youth by building and strengthening their leadership and capabilities through networking, alliance building and strengthening their voices in building a strong nation. Our mission is to  guide, handhold and transform lives of women activists and youth leaders; enabling them to build their leadership and support them in setting up community based organisations to empower/serve their communities at the grassroots.

⭐Nurul Alam        Masud        Bangladesh        Food Security Network-KHANI, Bangladesh        National Secretary        Food Security Network (Khani), Bangladesh is a National wide Network with critical concerns related to Food Security, Smallholder rights, and Agrarian governance in the context of national and global food insecurity, formed in 2005. KHANI Bangladesh works through Research, Peoples centric Advocacy, Lobby, and Campaign to influence the implementation of the right to food, and uphold food-right issues in national and regional spheres.

⭐Epraim        Mutombeni        Zimbabwe        Masvingo Centre for Research advocacy and development        Coordinator        Masvingo Centre for Research Advocacy and Development (MACRAD) is a rural development, independent Zimbabwean, organisation committed to the development of socio-economic rights and agrarian systems that enhance equitable land rights and sustainable land uses in Masvingo Province. MACRAD partners with communities, local authorities and other stakeholders to help secure land rights for the poorest families mostly rural women and men to provide opportunity and promote social justice.

⭐Vanesha        Manuturi        Indonesia        Kota Kita        Communications and Advocacy Manager

⭐Jephte        Muñez        Philippines        LENTE Philippines        Head, Advocacy and Training Committee        Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE), a network of lawyers and paralegals working for truthful elections in the Philippines.

⭐Md. Sekender Ali         Mina        Bangladesh        Safety and Rights Society (SRS)        Executive Director        Safety and Rights Society (SRS), a local not-for-profit organization, works to ensure that the overall conditions faced by people at work are decent and are at the very least in compliance with the law. To improve workplace and public safety, the organization undertakes action germane to: (a) legal assistance for obtain compensation of workplace accidents' victim; (c) filing public interest litigation;  (d) undertaking research; (e) providing training; and (f) undertaking advocacy and campaign.

⭐Leonard        Canada        Alternatives        New Initiatives/Partnerships         "Established in 1994, Alternatives is a solidarity organization based in Montréal, Québec, Canada that works for social justice, civil and political rights, cultural and socio-economic rights, and the right to the common good in Québec, Canada and abroad. Our mission is to strengthen citizens and collective initiatives to build democratic, fair, and sustainable societies.

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