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Prelim APSF Conference 21Jan22 TFG4 social diversity in a context of rising authoritarian nationalisme

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various organizations cooperating in thematic space 4

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Kindly note that the time dedicated to  self organized activities are  18th  third and fourth slot and 19th third and fourth slot.
18th, 19th, 20th first and second slots are focused on opening session and activities developed from the thematic focus groups  - and  20th third and fourth slot to agora of actions and closing moment. Info:  or see Menu info/ 3 days event

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about activities in APSF event 18-20 february and public actions in 2022 - see activity list and action list

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Notes taken during 21st activity will be published here





⭐1. Paul Divakar        India        Asia Dalit Rights Forum        Chairperson

⭐2. Laddawan ( faciltating group)         Thailand        ACFOD        Secretary General

⭐3. Karna         Nepal        Freedom for All Nepal         Coordintor        no whatsapp

⭐4. Avinash        India        Asian Dalit Rights Forum        Researcher        later

⭐5. SYED HASAN        India        WAYVE Foundation        Executive Director        later

⭐6. Sushil Kumar        India        S.k contraction company        S.k contraction company        S.k contraction company        check

⭐7. Anisha        India        PRATYeK        Global CoordinatorMM        later

⭐8. Nisar         India        Azad Shiksha zkendra        Managing Trustee

⭐9. Alok         India        CECOEDECON        Deputy Director

⭐10. Jayakumar         India        World Vision India        Deveopment, Advocacy and Relief

⭐11. Errol        Philippines        International Young Christian Workers Asia Pacific         Regional Coordinator        Young Christian Workers

⭐12. Shehnaz         India        Human Development and Research Centre          Project Manager

⭐13. Aung         Myanmar        Grokha Central Youth Organization        To help minority ( Education and Health )

⭐14. Ko Kyaw Thuya Myint        Myanmar        DYC        ITC

⭐15. Agapito        Timor-Leste        Youth Humanitarian Organization        Project Coordinator         Klibur Foinsa'e Humanitaria KFH

⭐16. Steve        India        PRATYeK        Executive Director

⭐17. Arkar        Myanmar        Metta Let Kann        Founder and Director

⭐18. Phoungvyna Sangva Cambodia Gender and Development for Cambodia Advocacy and Networking Manager -

⭐19 Kusum        Nepal        Rural Reconstruction Nepal        Advocacy Officer        Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN) is a Nepali non-government, not for profit, social development organization. Since its inception, RRN has been working with the poor and marginalized people in Rural Nepal to empower them in fulfilling their basic needs, improving livelihoods. RRN also works on emergency relief, rehabilitation, rural-infrastructure. It is also extensively engaged in policy research, advocacy, lobbying, networking and campaign at local, national and international levels.

⭐20 Dipanshu        India        Asia Dalit Rights Forum        Programme Officer

⭐21 Sono        Pakistan        PDSN        HHuman rights and Dalit Rights         not yet developed        not yet developed        PDSN works for Dalit rights in Pakistan networking with Asia and global networks. It is the member of ADRF and IDSN and works closely with many other similar object organizations globally. Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network (PDSN) is a member based organization with organizational and individual members from caste effected communities and constituentcies and from solidarity organization.

⭐SantoshIndiaKOLKATA RISTAExecutive Organizationnal details :Kolkata Rista : About Kolkata Rista o Kolkata Rista(herein after, ‘KR’) is a transgender community based organization (CBO) that has, over the last 14 years, worked in four states of India (West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and U+ar Pradesh), with various subgroups of the broader LGBTQI community.

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