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Prelim APSF Conference 21Jan22 TFG3 Education Communication Culture for another Asia

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Kindly note that the time dedicated to  self organized activities are  18th  third and fourth slot and 19th third and fourth slot.
18th, 19th, 20th first and second slots are focused on opening session and activities developed from the thematic focus groups  - and  20th third and fourth slot to agora of actions and closing moment. Info:  or see Menu info/ 3 days event

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about activities in APSF event 18-20 february and public actions in 2022 - see activity list and action list

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Here will be after January 21st som notes of the meeting



See the content of the 8 workshops following during jan21st and the structure of february event



⭐pierre        France        ForumConnect         it is a small collective of 4 people  we have all same role          Our goal is to develop a body of knowledge through FORUM CONNECT dialogue sessions, and the documentation from those, that will help better understand, and practice as participants , the WSF, and possibly, to better implement its manifestations in “facilitating collectives”.

⭐Ajaya Kumar        India        EI Academy        Director        Preparing the role for policy and governance

⭐Adaphro        India        RAHI A SOCIAL & CULTURAL UPLIFTMENT SOCIETY        GEN.SECRETARY        "RAHI has been working in India for over 8 years, focusing on ending poverty and social injustice.

We do this through well planned and comprehensive programmed in health, education, livelihoods, and disaster preparedness and response. Our overall goal is the empowerment of the under privilege, women, and marginalized communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods."

⭐Ajhar        India        Nav Bhartiya Nari Vikas Samiti        Director        Working for socially excluded community

⭐Ramudu        India        Sri Vinayaka rural development  educational society        SVRDES envisages a society which is free from all kinds of exploitation, oppression and suppression of human beings. Further, it visualizes that the poor and marginalized sections of the society will have an equal share in natural resources, irrespective of their social status- caste, class, creed and religion.        Sri Vinayaka rural development and educational society        "SVRDES believes in the concept of UNIVERSAL FAMILY where the equality of human beings persists. So far, the organization has undertaken several activities with an objective to bring holistic development among weaker sections of the society. In every activity carried out by the organization, participatory approach was adopted. Every project, implemented so far, is aimed at educating rural masses and concentrated on emancipating them from the clutches of poverty.

Environment: SVRDES organizes

⭐Sharvan Kumar        India        DALIT EAVM ADIWASI VIKASH PRISHAD        Secretary        skmeharada        DALIT ADIWASI VIKASH ke saath Atyachar Roktham ke programs organised karna

⭐Batool Kareem        Iraq        Iraqi Social Forum facilitating committee        Assistant coordinator        The Iraqi Social Forum is a space for activists, organisations, voluntary teams that want to make change. In the Iraqi Social Forum we tackle many issues through our paths: water and environment path, education path, social and economic rights path, women's path, minority path, nonviolence and peace building path.

⭐Suraj        India        Bhim rai trust        Child labour water Shiksha Mahila sashaktikaran        Bhim rao trust        Bhim rao trust

⭐Jephte        Philippines        LENTE Philippines        Head, Advocacy and Training Committee        Legal Network for Truthful Elections (LENTE), a network of lawyers and paralegals working for truthful elections in the Philippines.

⭐Zakaria        Palestine        The Civic Coalition for Palestinians right in jerusalem        Executive Director        www.civic coalition-Jé        It is a nongovernmental network of human and civil right organizations ,  focusing on the human right of the Palestinian people under occupation  specifically in occupied Jérusalem

⭐Norberto        Timor-Leste        AHDMTL        Role in the organization is to unable profesional work further the  will being  of the organization.         Admtl.con        Contribuite at regres

⭐Fernando        Timor-Leste        Komite Esperansa        Cordinatoor        Komite Esperansa is a political organization that works to promote mass educational and collective intellectuality among the various segments of the masses and classes. This in order to rebuild popular sovereignty and the formation of collective social class alliance and propose the alternative social struggle and programs that aims to transgress the current existing order, and transitioning toward real popular democracy and social liberation.

⭐Danish        India        Indian Democracy people Right        People Right work  and        I work for the education of poor children and workers their rights how did they get their rights wake up for that and India benefits

⭐Wilbert        Indonesia        International Volunteers for Peace (IVP) Indonesia          (se        IVP is the Indonesian branch of SCI, an international peace-movement, which aims an

⭐Nasreen & Varsha RajanIndiaMrinal Gore Interactive Centre for Social Justice & Peace in South AsiaCoordinatorswww.keshavgoretrust.orgThe aims of this Centre are manifold: it provides a platform for people, groups, communities etc. to interact, deliberate on issues of socio-economic and political importance as well as undertake studies and campaigns at South Asia level.

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