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Online launch of PSI paper "The Multilateral Development Banks, Covid-19 and Health Privatisation in India"

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Public Services International

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What this paper demonstrates is that the mindset of MDBs is so shaped by neoliberal ideas that, even during a pandemic clearly demonstrating the failures of this approach in healthcare, they continue to espouse them. In some ways, this is not surprising as during crisis, humans tend more than usual to use existing idea, frameworks and tropes to shape action. Thus, the health loans to India in response to the pandemic appear at first as though they will be largely supporting the public sector. However, as one reads the details, it becomes clearer that much of the surge funding will prop-up (struggling) private hospitals.

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Online Paper Release on 18thFebruary 2022




02:30 p.m. (BKK) -02:45 (BKK) Introduction and Moderation-Kate Lappin-Regional Secretary, Asia Pacific-PSI


02.45 p.m. -3.15 p.m. A brief about the paper by the Author-Dr. Susan Engels, Asst. Professor, Wollogong University


3.15 p.m.- 3.30 p.m. “Building better public health system in India"- Dr. Preeti Kumar, Vice-President,

Public Health Foundation of India


3.30 p.m. -3.45 p.m. Impact of MDGs conditionalities on Private Health Workers-Jibin T.C. Working Secretary,

United Nurses Association, India


3.45 p.m.-4.00 p.m. Discussion and way forward

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