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facilitating a social forum in Iraq

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Iraqi Social Forum

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+964 773 3602393

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Kindly note that the time dedicated to  self organized activities are  18th  third and fourth slot and 19th third and fourth slot.
18th, 19th, 20th first and second slots are focused on opening session and activities developed from the thematic focus groups  - and  20th third and fourth slot to agora of actions and closing moment. Info:  or see Menu info/ 3 days event

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2019 and 2020 hit the Iraqi society with new waves of change; the demonstrations and the coronavirus pandemic reintroduced and enforced a new reality with which we had to cope with and deal with via new and up-to-date solutions. 2021, where we strived hard and persevered to hold the Iraqi Social Forum's sixth season.

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The Iraqi Social Forum is an open social space established in the year 2013, the Iraqi Social Forum emerged as an open space for movements, organizations, and individuals who believe in social justice and human rights, believing in their political-civil, social, economic, and cultural aspects, to strive to build a civil society that contributes to building and consolidating the state Civil society in Iraq is a non-governmental judiciary through which democratic dialogues are launched to discuss ideas and formulate proposals, in which experiences are exchanged and interact on various societal issues. The paths of the Forum, a large spectrum of international solidarity, and the International Initiative for Solidarity with the Iraqi Civil Society. The birth of the Iraqi Social Forum is a part of the active Iraqi contributions within the movement of the World Social Forum; we wanted the Forum to be unique with its diversity and away from all forms of discrimination such as nationality, origin, color, religion, and ethnicity. Likewise, there is no room for discrimination based on economic and social status.

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