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"Increasing affordability, access, diversity and security of rental housing in the Asia Pacific

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A key objective of the session is to explore the formation of a network and build collaborations that believes in creating a just, sustainable and equitable habitat for all. Key concerns were housing, basic public services, evictions, slum upgradations, rental housing, workers housing and the aspect of right to the city for all.

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Description of activity

The pandemic has brought to light the extent of precarious life workers are facing in urban areas particularly in Asian cities. Lack of access to decent housing was one of the key reason for this vulnerability. Along the spectrum of formal and informal housing in urban areas, the workers have very few stable options and are mostly in the space of informal rental housing. Most of the workers (in particular new entrants in Asia) either live in slums or are homeless. Keeping in mind the nature of the migrants and the working class, their ability to pay, their circular nature of migration and their priorities, a well-regulated rental housing emerges as a possible alternative in the current paradigm. This webinar is designed to look at few models of rental housing and also deliberate on how we want to take this conversation forward.

The webinar is designed in two parts.

Part 1: Look at a few rental housing models in various parts of the world and understand the possibilities/ risks and policies

Part 2: To have a deliberation of how we as a group of CSO’s can come together to formulate a campaign to work towards provision of decent housing for workers


Panel for PART 1

Moderator of Part 1 : Adrianna Allen (President - HIC)

1. Eliza Sutanudjaja, Rujak, NGO based in Indonesia

Rental housing for workers in Indonesia

2. Swastik Harish, Director, SHA; (expert on Rental Housing, Bangalore, India)

Key tenets of Rental housing practices in India

3. Gabu Heindl, Head, Gabu Heindl Architecture, Vienna, Austria

The winning policies of Red Vienna: public housing service and rental regulation

4. P B Sajan, Architect, Costford

Apna Ghar, Rental Housing for migrants workers in Kerala (Kerala, India)


Part 2: Roundtable

Moderator of Part 1 : Adrianna Allen (President - HIC) and Varghese Thecknath (Director, MSI; IAI Asia Coordinator)

1. We need to discuss about proposals for policies increasing affordability, access, diversity and security of rental housing in the Asia Pacific: local, national, regional

2. We need to discuss about proposals to train activists to defend the right to housing in rental housing.

3. We need to discuss about proposals for alliances between inhabitants' organizations, workers' unions for the Rental Housing Campaign in Asia, rooted locally and linked globally.


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