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Registered Action

I. Context of Action

If this action is part of an initiative of action described in WSF platform, please give the link here:

II. Info on Action

Title of action


URL link to Jitsi room created for the Agora of Actions/ Initiatives

When will initiating group present in the Jitsi room

URL Link to initiator

We are using Bangkok Time UGT+7 as standard Time

Choose Thematic Cluster:

Location of Action

on line



Other language

after english field

II. Info on Initiator of Action

Initiator of Action

Email initiator

URL Link to initiator

Contact Us

Phone/ WhatsApp Number

Co-initiator and Links

Summary of Action

asia social forum2.png

aftethis is a series of webinars

public actions are

publication of a document using the material of transcripts of webinars



Description of Action

Aqui la description


several idea here

1/ TAKE OUT AMBIGUITY about ACTION DATE this is an action concentrated in time part of an action plan that his spanning over a long period - is is not useful to describe the start and stop of the period - and the action will be concentrated in general a one day - so let us take out the ambiguity and only speak of the day of the action and its starting hour and they maybe its duration


2/ there is need of a texto field where to CONTEXTUALIZE the action and insert it i the action plan and give the link to a wsf initiative


3/ the action name should generalte the jisti room for the AGORA ( like taking the first 20 characters of the name of the action) - - or there can be a field where to give the name of the jistsi room for the agora see the structure






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