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APSF Info & Invite sessions Calendar




APSF Faciitating Committee  is  organizing  "APSF Info and Invite sessions"  either on occasion of some events, as part of program or as  side meetings of those events , or as specific activities outside any event, in a local or national context 

The basic purpose  of an APSF info and invite session  is answering   "what is APSF? How  can we participate in this process?"  ( see the APSF Pamphlet

Some sessions may include a second part about  "Strategizing our participation in APSF process", with a broad  generic scope, or around a thematic or a sector   

presentation session  of APSF process can also take place  as activity on occasion of other events in the WSF calendar here 


It is being assessed on a case by case basis, whether those sessions can also be accessible online  


Here are the dates of   identified events (work in progress as Oct 15th) - The when and where of the sessions by those events are progressively defined by APSF FC 


APSF info and invite session  on 24 january  With pesence of  :  CADTM & ForumConnect in spanish+ english translation

When/where ; online


EVENT :Bangladesh – Right to Food event– January

APSF info and invite session   With pesence of  :  orgA org B org C 

When/where ; TBD

EVENT: APSF FC Meeting  in katmandhu 16-18th january     launching process of build up of APSF 2023 event 

APSF Info and invite session   With presence of  :  Many organizations from FC   

When/where in KTM after the APFS FC meeting -see KTM Agenda 

EVENT: APEC – People’s forum on economic justice  – 14-16th Nov  APEC  Govt summit  16-19th Nov 2022 thailand 

APSF info and invite session   With presence of :  orgA org B org C  from APSF FC 

When/where ; TBD

EVENT : ADN  asia democracy network   democracy assembly  7 8 9 november Bali 

Possible APSF  Info and invite session   With presence of  :  Anselmo, Vinod, William ,..... from APSF FC   ( orgs ACCORN APSD - MFA)  

When/where ; TBD

EVENT : ASEAN people’s forum – 3-5th Nov 2022  ASEAN summit   cambodia – 10-15th Nov 2022

Interventions on APSF in various workshops included in the program with  presence of :  Boonthan,Debbie, Laddawan, Suntaree   from APSF FC  - ( orgs: ACFOD  - HNSEA - ) - online presence Nasree 

When/where : Phnom Penh  

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