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Updates from APSF process in  India -  Giving way to ISF/ WSF india 


This  ISF/WSF india  process  would have a manifestation through  an  ISF  event , It is  intended  formally a national social forum process with its own secretariat  facilitating commitee  and general council. 


Of course,  many  organizations  present in those boies would also be in APSF  equivalent facilitating  bodies ( APSF FC , which should guarantiee "Harmony" between them,


Nevertheless formally speakring  APSF  process  and ISF/WSF india are distinct  processes.  One is with national  scope  and the other is with regional scope. Both are part of Global WSF process  . 

Organizations from india participating in ISF process will be  invited to participate in WSF2024 event


 There is an  India Working Committee  IWC, developing info and invite seed meetings in many parts of INdia , to send delegates to a Indian general council meeting  IGC that  when felt  diverse and numerous enough  will  institute   India  socia forum / WSF india  Facilitating Committee

Some  organizations  from India have  made themselves visible in WSF process and may decide to place  activities and initiatives  in the  WSF intercmmunication process  towards WSF2024 

Some  of them may feel relevant to also come and participate in APSF intercommunication process in search of continental connections   in APSF thematic connection spaces 

here are the entry points 

Document vision in design august 30th by India  working group /  after IGC meeting in Patna

ISF about vision

6 and 7th august  Patna IGC 









Document with cumulative notes  of meetings 



25 july Bihar meeting in Patna IWC

23 july UP meeting in Lucknow IWC

22 july Maharashtra meeitng nagpur IWC

World Social Forum - India process  mid july announcement

 the following states and sectors have started their Social Forum process formally.

1. Delhi
2. Uttar Pradesh
3. Bihar
4. Maharashtra
5. Tamil Nadu
6. Karnataka
7. Rajasthan
8. Chhattisgarh
9. West Bengal
10. Jharkhand
11. Kerala

1. Indigenous People
2. Dalits


State Process in following state is under planning:

1. Madhya Pradesh
2. Gujarat
3. Telangana
4. Andhra Pradesh

IWC meeting took place 24 25 june 

A first  IWSmeeting  took place 8 th April 2023, New Delhi




patna meeting 6 7 august.jpeg
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