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Submitted activities

"Increasing affordability, access, diversity and security of rental housing in the Asia Pacific

Working Peoples Charter

Amazon: Costly Convenience


Asia WSF mobilizing monthly meeting 26th february

facilitating group

Cultural open space

cultural activities group

Current challenges facing progressive movements globally session 1

a group of organizations present in thematic space Future of WSF

Current challenges facing progressive movements globally session 2

various organizations cooperating in thematic space 8 see list

Declining Food Rights Induced by Covid-19

Right to Food Bangladesh

Democracy and Religion

Human Development Organization

Democracy movement in Asia Pacific

Alliance for Democracy in Laos

Financing Social Protection: Building People's Narrative

Democratic Budget Movement (DBM) and KHANI (Food Security Network, BD)

Forging Alliances across South Asia to address Child Marriage

Girls Not Brides- The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage

How to protect human rights in a fragile democracy?

Tunisian Human Rights League

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