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I. Context of Action

*All the Red-boxes must be fill-in before Submitted !

Max 300 charactes/ 50 words brief description of the lasting initiative of action/ line of action, the action plan of which this action is part of

II. Info on Action

When will initiating group present in the Jitsi room

Max 300 charactes/ 50 words short text indicating to interested people when you are in te room (at least during Agora time on 21st January Third slot)

We are using Bangkok Time UGT+7 as standard Time

Choose Thematic Cluster:

II. Info on Initiator of Action

Co-inisiator and Links

Co-initiators and Links

Contact Us

Contact Us


Summary of Action to be displayed on Action Page (Max 300 characters/ 50 words of teaser/ brief description of Action)

Max 300 characters/ 50 words of teaser (brief description of Action)

Detail description of Action

Detail descriptin of Action


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