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ABOUT INITIATIVES  (Announcement of action, statements) 

Initiatives are a public statement or description of an action plan ( horizon 18 months) , preferably with up to 3 public action dates,  that some  organizations participants in APSF or WSF space and process, assume publicly together, as its promoter group.  

( of course, an Initiative/annuoncement promoter  group,  gathering one or more organizations can be  organizing activities to  promote,  discuss, develop, articulate its initiative)

Initiatives / announcements , public declarations, statements, action plan descriptions can be about struggles, campaigns,  common agenda , innovative practices  etc 

There can be hundreds of initiatives active at the time of WSF2024 event 


Initiatives are aggregated in a directory of initiatives in WSF platform . There is a diversity of ways to contribute to transformative action for anoher possible world.  Initiatives  described   can be  presented  as struggles ,   campaigns,   common agenda , innovative practices... 

An initiative page also describes how to get in contact with its promoter group,  and how to support  the  initiative/announcement, and possibly  being included in its promoters group, or supporter group.

Public action dates announced in each  initiative are aggregated in an Calendar of actions from WSF participants  ( with  a 18 month visibility)

Each initiative is given  an interactive  digital meetig  room, where interested participants can meet with  its promoter group, at dates and hours  that the group indicates . This is aggregated into an Agora of futures / Square for actions 


Agora/Square format  may serve for

-holding a space of intercommunications about initiatives/announcements  during an event  ( such as WSF2024) ,  or for

- organizing a final moment of an event , where participants  can project themselves  in the future, visiting  the booths/table  of initiatives/announcements of their choice, for making contact with the promoter group,  expressing interest for support and participation in the public actions announced by those initiative promoter groups.  

See  the buttons in top of  this page   or the links in this text, for accessing information about  initiatives that can  be made visible in WSF space,  and actions that can be made visible in APSF  space. 

A same public action date can be described in the two processe.  APSF site is not  implementing the  notion of initiative.  An action  page  in APSF can show the link to the initiative in WSF contextualizing this action. 

Steps to announce an initiative   in WSF   are described in "using  WSF platforms" in WSF2024 menu

See CONCRETELY  what an initiative can be :


150+ initiatives here : 

Steps to announce an  action    in APSF  are described in "how to use this site",  in Home menu

See also the page  "entry points" in org menu

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