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ABOUT ACTIVITIES  (  public meetings placed in APSF and or WSF intercommunication process by participant organizations)

Activities are moments of  dialogues /encounters  in the APSF or WSF open  space .

( they are quite different from the other format of participation which is initiatives


Activities/ Meetings  can be a few hours long,  and  are self organized between one or preferably more  organizations, who decide the topic,   the format ( workshop, assembly...)  , the modality ( physical,  hybrid, online ), the ways of dialoguing (  that is the methodology of the activity) .


They are  publicly accessible for  participants  in the APSF or WSF process.


They are aggregated  in  a calendar of activities  in the social forum process,  when they are outside  of days of  social forum events

A social forum event is  when there is a concentration of activities in time , which are aggregated  in a bottom up  program of an event. 


- APSF february 2022  event ( 40 activities in various presentations   : list of links home page  or directory ,   list  of small flyers, list of bigger flyers) ( Kindly note some are not dislayed properly on  a telephone) 

-WSF2024 event  15-19 february ( you can browse buttom up program of WSF2021 with 700 activities, as an example) 

See  the buttons in top of  this page   or the links in this text, for accessing information about  activities visible in APSF space,  and activities visible in WSF space. 

A same activity can be placed in the two processes,  this is a way for participants to connect. 

Steps to announce an activity  in APSF  are described in "how to use this site",  in Home menu

Steps to announce an activity  in WSF   are described in "using  WSF platforms" in WSF2024 menu

See also the page  "entry points" in org menu

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